Future Professional Club

The future professional club is for aspiring hairdressers in years 10 & 11 aged 14 - 16 who would like to develop some hairdressing skills whilst still at school. The club is run by Ocean on a Tuesday from 4.00pm - 6.00pm and is free to join and attend with the aim being to give a taste of hairdressing and the skills needed to become a successful hairdresser.

The club aims to cover skills in blow drying, setting, hair up, shampooing & conditioning, some cutting techniques, theory of colouring & perming, plus working on head blocks & models as skills develop, all of this will give the individual a good basis to start N.V.Q.level 2 once they leave school.

If you would like to join please send you CV to team@keithgrahamhairdressing.co.uk.

Future Professional Club - Keith Graham Hairdressing - Cliftonville