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At Keith Graham Hairdressing our goal is to give the most professional service to all salon guests that come through our door. From the very first step into the salon you become our main priority.

Most male guests are more likely to go to a barber shop because they feel a salon is a women's environment, however times are changing and this is not the case. At Keith Graham we have a variety of clients from toddlers to teenagers, adults to seniors, male & female.

Why Keith Graham?

Firstly we have an excellent team that all work very well together, and have great ambition and experience in men's grooming. At Keith Graham we like to keep our skills and techniques fresh and up to date. We are regularly trained and updated with the use of new techniques and ways of working. This is very important to us , we make sure we get the best possible training so we can provide a high standard of service.

Our Barbers/Designers.

Keith Graham Hairdressing team member, Stephanie

Stephanie enjoys cutting mens hair and has a variety of male clients of all ages including children and teenagers that want the new styles. Stephanie can trim eyebrow's and beard's too.

Keith Graham Hairdressing team member, Callum

Callum is a fully qualified Barber at N.V.Q. level 2 & and he incorporates his skills into his salon work. He enjoys cutting gents hair and is confident in his clipper work.

Mitch Men's Grooming Products

Image of Male Grooming - Keith Graham

At Keith Graham we use Mitch Grooming products designed specifically for the modern man, easy to use & apply they smell man friendly too.


Heavy Hitter which is a deep cleansing shampoo, this can be used everyday it invigorates and refreshes the hair & scalp as it washes away dirt and product residue, leaving hair with a fresh cedar and agave scent.

Double Hitter - a Sulphate free 2-in-1 shampoo and condition in one easy. This combo lathers like a champ and leaves the hair full and healthy looking with a fresh clean scent of sandlewood & citrus. Ideal for all hair types.

Steady Grip is a great gel that you can work with wet or dry hair. This helps hair look thicker as it shapes and separates with a long lasting, firm hold.

Reformer which is one of our favourite's and our customers, the Reformer is a strong hold putty texturizer which gives you a matt finished result, allowing you to manipulate the hair in the style you desire with great hold and excellent result.

Image of Male Grooming - Keith Graham

Clean Cut - medium hold Semi Matte styling cream, by far our best seller, forms a clean no fuss look with a natural finish, gives subtle texture that works well on any hair type.

Barbers Classic - a moderate hold high shine pomade, great for classic styles & slicked back looks, can help to tame curls & waves.

Hardwired - a firm hold spiking glue great for extreme spiked looks, distributes easily with great control.

Construction Paste - elastic hold, flexible with webby texture, great for messy undone looks, crunch free with no flaking.


For additional information please contact the Salon on 01843 290701.

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